Our product is the photograph of mural painting and old Bangkok (without frame) printed from the high quality color printer and high quality paper. The size is A4. Price ranges from US$7.99 to US$8.99 exclude shipping. Payment is through CCNOW. The product will be shipped directly from Thailand and please allow two to three weeks for packaging and shipping.


Thai Mural paintings reflect the knowledge, thinking, perception, culture, customs and way of life of Thai people from King to ordinary. They tell the story and show the sense of nature during different periods.

The paintings are like mirrors that reflect the events in each period in the past.

Tunk Shop is proud to present the magnificent pieces of Thai mural paintings work found from many temples in Thailand; such as Wat Panancherng, Wat Suthat, etc.

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Wat Panancherng, Ayutthaya


Bangkok in time before the present. We have collected these vintage photographs from many places. 

"a place where the people could go boating and singing and reciting poems during the high-water season"

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Old Bangkok


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